As a veteran team, Wannabee Strange continues to succeed in allowing students the chance to explore robotics, problem solving, and technology—as hobbies and even future careers.






FTC 731


FTC Team 731, Wannabee Strange has been around for 12 years and almost since the time FIRST Tech Challenge began. We have participated in various qualifier events all around North Carolina, showing great growth through our progression from these local qualifying competitions in NC to the World Championships. Our team has advanced time and time again to Worlds, where we place high and continue to grow together as a team. We also make an impact at the state, national and international level through our Varsity Letter Initiative and mentorship of teams, which we do through online platforms such as Discord.


Wannebee Strange, since its inception, has done countless amounts of outreach under ECG Robotics, giving demos of robots to various elementary students, inspiring them to pursue careers in the robotics field or perhaps join a robotics organization/club in the future. We also began pursuing more ambitious outreach goals through our Varsity Letter Initiative, attempting to provide every FTC team across North Carolina with resources to fuel their season. We have also mentored several local FLL teams, all of which have been very successful in their endeavors as they advance to the state level.


  • Advanced to State Level Competition for the first time!
  • Advanced to States again
  • Advanced to States again
  • Captain of Finalist Alliance at States
  • Advanced to the Houston World Championships!
    • First pick of the third seeded alliance in the Jemison Division
    • Ranked 13th out of 128 teams in the tournament
  • Received Inspire Award at local and state level competition
  • Advanced to Worlds again!
    • Second pick of the second seeded alliance in the Franklin division